The recent choice of the U.S. Supreme Court not to review the New Mexico case has triggered a number of emails to the webmaster of this site. This site is not connected with Elane Photography, LLC and we have no way of getting in contact with them to forward your messages.

ATTENTION ELANE PHOTOGRAPHY LLC: The ruling from the New Mexico Supreme Court has come to our attention. This highlights the action verb fallacy. To say that “you lost” makes you the subject of an action verb, but you did not do the losing. The court chose to rule against you. The action was by the court. The same is true of many action verbs existing in political debate: convince requires that the direct object become reasonable while defeating an opponent is done by the voters, not by the candidate they elect. This differs from losing a chess game by making the moves which were inferior to those of your opponent and which opened your king to checkmate.

One way to stay in business is to operate as Elane Wedding Photos, LLC and solicit sales of wedding photos on which you own the copyright. Why would anybody want to buy photos of somebody else’s wedding? The same reason guys spend so much money for an “escort” or a “massage”. The lady is not soliciting for prostitution and you are not soliciting business as a wedding photographer, you are just offering wedding photos for sale, and you will sell them to queers if they want them. However, some people will see your ads and call you up to ask you to photograph their wedding, requesting services which you did not offer.
If a commercial photography business believes that the NMHRA stifles its creativity, it can remain in business, but it can cease to offer its services to the public at large.
— Elane Photography v. Vanessa Willock

Consumers have learned the code: Massage therapy is legitimate while masseuse tends to mean otherwise, but is still legal to advertize. We sell wedding photos will be understood by consumers. There are plenty of persons who will deliberately call you precisely because they support you and your reluctance to pass off filth as “art”. The queers can also “discriminate” against straight people, by offering wedding photos for sale and displaying samples portraying queers.

“It is not necessary to inquire whether non-conformist beliefs will exempt from the duty to salute unless we first find power to make the salute a legal duty.”
— West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette, 319 U.S. 624 at page 635.

     A professional photographer in the State of New Mexico is in court for refusing to participate in a homosexual activity.

     Elaine Huguenin takes wedding photos. She is an artist. Wedding photography is different from passport photography or news photography, or installing security cameras. Wedding photography is the skillful production of art.

     Part of the artist’s mission is to produce work that is in good taste, which captures the feeling of the bride and groom. As the bride and groom share affection in public, the photographer capturing that feeling cannot avoid feeling the same feeling. Since I’m a man, if I were photographing, I’d be thinking to the groom, Kiss her once for me! (or something similar.)

     Nobody should ever be forced to participate in a homosexual activity and inevitably be inflicted with that sick, disgusting feeling. Furthermore, an artist’s duty is to produce work that is in good taste, and an artist is judged by his or her work. Elaine Huguenin would be judged for the rest of her life, and even afterwards, as somebody who would produce disgusting filth as pass it off as “art.”

     If you don’t find that distasteful, you may try your hand at wedding photography, and you may accept such contracts. A contract is supposed to be a voluntary agreement.

     Why is it that the some of the same hate-mongering bigots who volunteer for MADD and attend town hall meetings on the prevention of underage drinking howl furiously about “discrimination” and “hate speech” against queers? Why is it okay the hate everybody under 21? Homosexuals made a choice, and they are free to straighten out, but what are Mr. and Mrs. Twenty supposed to do, build a time machine so they can obey a law against being under 21?

     Hey, you politically correct types: If she does accept the work, and she vomits, are YOU gonna clean it up? If a photographer feels sickened by the sight of a couple of queers kissing, that does not mean the photgrapher is the one there’s something wrong with. No, the photographer does not need to be cured. You sickos want to enjoy a legitimate person’s anguish, perhaps as revenge for somebody else’s having crossed the line and violated a queer’s rights. But that does raise a legal issue:

     Isn’t the photgrapher entitled to “reasonable accomodation” under the Americans With Disabilities Act? After all, you politically correct types label the innocent photographer as “homophobic” and you cannot have it both ways. I mean, if you call it a disorder, you must accept that “disorder” as an excuse to reject the work.

     Martin Luther King, Jr. said, I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

     There is a high suicide rate amongst queers. They wake up one day and realize what they are, and they cannot even stand to live with themselves. They are judging themselves not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. The rest of them cope through denial, by pretending there is nothing wrong with them. That only works when other people pretend with them. Their supporters try to intimidate us by inventing a slur, as if we were somehow the ones with something wrong, and even accuse us of being homosexuals ourselves, but it won’t work. Some of the supporters are motivated by outrage toward a small handful of citizens who cross the line and commit unprovoked violence against the queers instead of observing and respecting the line that must not be crossed. Others are just plain flaming liberals who think they have a right to direct the use of somebody else’s apartment house or business, forcing the owner to house or employ queers, and then call it tenancy or employment “at will.”

     If you are a queer, do not kill yourself. That won’t serve any purpose. It won’t punish us, because we will not miss you any. Instead, straighten out. Don’t let anybody brainwash you into believing that you are doomed to go through life a homosexual.

     In the State of New Mexico, you can change your political affiliation by completing a form, and then in the primary elections, you would vote for candidates of the other party. You can also cancel your personal ad and run a new one under a different heading, and then you would go on dates with persons of the other sex.

     Like most little boys, I was afraid of girls in second grade. I outgrew it. You should, too. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. You don’t want to be a queer for the rest of your life, do you?

     That’s especially important if you want to have children. You’re not violating anybody’s rights by having a gay old time, so we have to tolerate you, but you don’t make a baby that way. That was planned by Somebody smarter than I am.


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